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the enchanted hills
slide natale Turin lights up
...the magic begins

Live with us an
authentic, memorable, unique and unrepeatable experience


Piemonte Piemonte

Storytelling Tour

Living in a territory trough the essences, origins, memories, traditions, emotions, narrated through the narrating voice of the characters of place, beautiful people that through reals and memorables stories, will let them a sign in our hearth

Life eXperiences Tour

Our tours we always add them something of authentic, addictive and unique. We don’t visit surprising places, we live them, we taste them, we capture them through the beauty of the landscapes and their people, bringing home the desire to return.
on the road

Storie d’Italia Storie d’Italia

Team Building Team Building

Stories of Italy
In the heart of Emilia

In their diversity, two cities strictly legal for centuries for art, cooking, university, painting. A fascinating itinerary to live at a slow pace

After 2020,
the year in which ``the world stopped``, we start looking at the world with a new look.

How do we imagine tourism in the future?

Safer, more responsible, slower, sustainable, experiential and accessible. A tourism made not only of places but above all of people, stories and culture, that knows how to renew and stimulate the love and curiosity for the territories and their traditions.                                                                                                                                                                                              In a word, a more conscious tourism that knows how to start again to become a better tourism.

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    Ethics, sustainability, reliability
    and innovation are the watchwords that identify our mission.

    We are a team always on the move, we love to immerse ourselves in the territory, constantly looking for new destinations to explore and new stories to tell to create unique, authentic and unforgettable itineraries.

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