An amazing experience that will throw you back in 1870

A true royal invite in the company of the characters of the Court of the King Vittorio Emanueke II, the most beloved sovereign of the House of Savoy. You will meet the famous and trusted Prime Minister, the Count Camillo Benso of Cavour; the beloved Rosa Varcellana, known by everyone as the “Bela Rosin”; and others famous historical characters, that will accompany you in an intriguing journey full of gossip and background, through a fontemental moment in the history of Italy.

At the arrival, you will be welcomed by the characters of Savoy House, that will reveal to you the splendour of the royal chambers and of their secrets,enjoying reconstructing events in an atmosphere of magical splendor. 

A finale in the party hall, where you will be involved in the rite of the dances, a funny moment where you will learn the most famous dance moves of the period.

In the end always inside the Park you will reach the inn to taste the Piedmontese “merenda sinoira” 


*MERENDA SINOIRA: woe to call it “apericena”, we are talking about the “Merenda Sinoira”, an ancient rite is an ancient rite, celebrated between lunch and the “sina” (in dialect, dinner) under the pergola of a trattoria or farm. The jewel in the crown of the best local tradition, this beloved convivial moment is marked by a thousand delicious flavors.


Here is the menu type of the snack sinoira:

  • Toma of Lanzo 
  • Zucchini omelet 
  • Tomini and anchovies in green
  • Stuffed vegetables 
  • Janduia appetizer 
  • Apricot tart 
  • Glass of Erbaluce or Canavesan Red  


Minimum group of 10 people

Accessibility and usability for travelers with specific needs

The tour is accessible to travelers with physical-motor disability, preferable the presence of a companion as the territory has some challenging slopes or slight movement difficulties.


The program results particularly interesting to travelers with sensory disabilities as the pleasures of the palate are exalted.


The tour presents a good level of interactivity between the traveller and the narrative voice, a reason that can be of great interest in the presence of sensory disabilities.


On recommendation of the traveller we evaluate any type of “food attention” in order to guarantee a suitable and qualitatively adequate service to your needs.


We are at your disposal for further information and to answer every of your needs.

  • Departure



The package includes:
  • Entrance and guided visit of Royal Appartements
  • Theatrical animation with historical group
  • Royal “merenda sinoira"
To enrich your program of unforgettable experiences, we can integrate it with activities,entrances, exclusive and personalized tours, hero some examples:
  • Vermouth class,
  • “Bicerin tasting”  in historical cafes  
  • Entrance with guided tour at Museums or Residences of your choice ,
  • Thematic tours
  •  Cooking class
  • Tasting of wines of the territory
  • Chocolate tour and tasting 
  • E-bike tour
The package does NOT include:
  • Any extra and everything that is not mentioned in “The package includes” section

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