Are you ready for a leap into the past?

The historic cafes of Turin are real treasure chests of beauty, where time has stopped and everything is slow.

Historical figures, ladies, intellectuals have left traces everywhere, the ancient rooms of the 19th century, the furnishings, the splendid boiseries, the majestic chandeliers, the mirrors still speak in their reflections of illustrious characters of their stories and curios anecdotes, that we will not fail to tell you.

Our expert guides will accompany you on a walk of other times where the leitmotif is the beauty of a past time that lives in the present.   

At the end of the walk, we will take you to lunch in the historic cafeteria of Palazzo Reale located in the ancient rooms of the Service of Frutteria, a place since the eighteenth century dedicated to the preservation of precious porcelain.  

In this unique and elegant setting, adorned with precious objects belonging to the Savoy collections, waiting for you for lunch, there will be just them, the courtiers of the Royal family that will cheer you up and make you live an exciting experience of court life, with anecdotes, gossip and fun.

Accessibility and usability for travelers with specific needs 

The tour is accessible to travelers with physical-motor disability, preferable the presence of a companion as the territory has some challenging slopes or slight movement difficulties.


The program results particularly interesting to travelers with sensory disabilities as the pleasures of the palate are exalted.


The tour presents a good level of interactivity between the traveller and the narrative voice, a reason that can be of great interest in the presence of sensory disabilities.


On recommendation of the traveller we evaluate any type of “food attention” in order to guarantee a suitable and qualitatively adequate service to your needs.


We are at your disposal for further information and to answer every of your needs.

  • Departure

    On request

Day Program

The package includes:
  • Tour of historical cafes with expert guide
  • Lunch in the royal cafeteria with tasting menu
  • Theatrical animation during lunch
  • Insurance
To enrich your program of unforgettable experiences, we can add activities or guided visits, here some examples:
  • Vermouth class,
  • Entrance with guided tour at Museums or Residences of your choice ,
  • Thematic tours 
  • Cooking class 
  • Traditional wines tasting
  • Chocolate tour with tasting 
  • E-bike tour 
The package does NOT include:
  • Any extra and everything that is not mentioned in “The package includes” section 

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