The streets that brought coffee to Turin were long and different.


Exotic scents and intoxicating aromas spread in the noble salons and in the Royal Palace already in 1600, until they got out and found in the historical cafes the perfect place where this drink could be enjoyed by everyone. The journey we propose starts from the brand new Lavazza Museum, treasure chest of memories and manifesto of the bond that unites the city to coffee, and then continues with a visit of the most beautiful historic locals in the center of Turin.

The main theme will be the beauty, which we will find in thematic and interactive suggestions, in the lights and in the scenographic preparation of the Museum, and in the splendid “boiseries” of the historical cafes, in the majestic chandeliers and mirrors, which that still speak, in their reflections,of illustrious visitors and curios anecdotes, that we will not fail to tell you.

During the tour there will be a pleasant break in the heart of the oldest Turin.

Accessibility and usability for travelers with specific needs 

The tour is accessible to travelers with physical-motor disability, preferable the presence of a companion as the territory has some challenging slopes or slight movement difficulties.


The program results particularly interesting to travelers with sensory disabilities as the pleasures of the palate are exalted.


The tour presents a good level of interactivity between the traveller and the narrative voice, a reason that can be of great interest in the presence of sensory disabilities.


On recommendation of the traveller we evaluate any type of “food attention” in order to guarantee a suitable and qualitatively adequate service to your needs.


We are at your disposal for further information and to answer every of your needs.


Day Program

The package includes:
  • Entrance ticket for the Lavazza Museum
  • Guided visit of about 4 hours 
  • “Bicerin” tasting 
  • One way private bus 
  • Insurance
The package does NOT include:
  • Any extra and everything that is not mentioned in “The package includes” section

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