Engine stories between mystery and fun

A mystery man, after having scrutinized and studied you, will guide you to discover fascinating stories involving you in an intriguing game during which will be discussed important concepts through “keywords” and all this passing by the visionary project of the genius of the Renaissance Leonardo Da Vinci, to continue with the first experiments of the nineteenth-century steam cars and the elegants vehicles of the beginning of the twentieth century. Decade after decade of aerodynamics, technology and continuous innovations, you will arrive at the projects of the future, looking for a sustainable world to discover.

At this point the mentalist will begin the divination, in a more and more fun and imposible way, leading you to the grand finale.  

But our journey continues in the marvelous Open Garage, a space of about 2000 square meters, a real caveau, unique in its kind, in which are kept about seventy vehicles that here are preserved and reserved, other than observed and studied. From the Décavuille 3 ½ HP that at the average speed of 28 km/h won in 1989 the Paris-Amsterdam-Paris, to the first Peugeot “Bébé” AG, from the spider Opel 5/12 HP of 1912 to the luxury limousine Lancia Theta equipped with the first built-in electrical services and bodywork made in Turin.

It will follow aperitif or dinner in an unique and unforgettable frame.

Accessibility and usability for travelers with specific needs 

The tour is accessible to travelers with physical-motor disability.


The program results particularly interesting to travelers with sensory disabilities as the pleasures of the palate are exalted.


The tour presents a good level of interactivity between the traveller and the narrative voice, a reason that can be of great interest in the presence of sensory disabilities.


On recommendation of the traveller we evaluate any type of “food attention” in order to guarantee a suitable and qualitatively adequate service to your needs.


We are at your disposal for further information and to answer every of your needs.

  • Departure

    On request

Day Program

The package includes:
  • Entrance to Automobile Museum 
  • Entrance to Open Garage
  • Guided visit in the Museum rooms
  • Playtour with the mentalist
  • Aperitif or dinner at the Museum (optional)
  • Medical insurance
  • Our Covid-19 insurance 
  • Assistance
To enrich your program of unique and unforgettable experiences, we can add activities or guided visits, here some examples:
  • Vermouth class,
  • “Bicerin tasting”  with the Savoy,
  • Entrance with guided tour at Museums or Residences of your choice ,
  • Thematic tours 
  • Cooking class
  • Traditional wine tasting
  • Chocolate tour and tasting
  • E-bike tour
The package does NOT include:
  • Any extra and everything that is not mentioned in “The package includes” section  

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