Martini virtual cocktail experience

Don’t renounce the pleasure of the aperitif!! Making your cocktail even from home has never been this easy thanks to the Martini Cocktail Experience – Home Edition!

Let yourself be carried away in this funny and interactive experience: follow the Martini Brand Home Ambassador, learn to make the perfect “Fiero&Tonic” and “Americano Cocktail” directly from home and discover many anecdotes on Martini history and on its more iconic products.

Challenge your friends and finish by toasting all together in perfect Martini Style.


Buying the Martini Cocktail Experience you will receive the box with all the needed Martini products:

  • “Martini Fiero” (1L)
  • “Riserva Speciale Rubino” (750 ml)
  • “Bitter Riserva Speciale” (750ml)
  • Tonic Water (20ml)
  • Jigger
  • Departure Time



The package includes:
  • Connection with Zoom platform 
  • Mail with instructions for the Martini Experience program 
  • Complete box with the needed Martini products 
  • Live bartender
  • Our assistance
The package does not include:
  • Any extra and everything that is not mentioned in “The package includes” section 

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