An experience to discover wonderful places on the roads of the engines that have made the history of our ItalyOur goal is to combine two great passions, namely motoring and foodcreating unique and unforgettable experiential and sensory toursenhancing the territory with its traditions and its history by now legend. 

Day One “Voracious Speed” Tour: the adventure begins in Piazza Maggiore in Bologna, in front of the fountain of Neptune;
The first stage of the tour is in a place that saw the birth of the Italian automotive brand par excellence, a place rich in history, competition, passion; in fact we can relive the glorious history of the horse in the museum of Maranello.
After visiting the museum, lunch in the restaurant.
The second stage of the first day will take us to visit a place born from the passion of two women for engines, these two women are Gemma and Monica who together with the team restore old glories of motoring and give life to run again.

* [Alternative: As an alternative to the Belle Epoque stable of the second stage, there might be the opportunity to visit the most beautiful and complete collection dedicated to the Maserati; which collects various icons of the trident. ]

The second day begins with a sequel to the first day, in fact the brand of Cavallino are dedicated to two museums, one of which in the birthplace of Ferrari creations and one in Modena, the birthplace of Enzo Ferrari, in the latter museum is illustrated on history, on the life and work of the Drake. *

* [Alternative: Alternatively there will be the opportunity to visit the places of production and exhibition of the magnificent works of art produced by the “Trident”]

Once the visit that affected the first stage, you will go to lunch. The second stage of the second day includes a visit to the factory where in the past, when still Italian, were produced the breathtaking cars of the Bugatti.
The third stage of the second day includes the tasting of wine and vinegar at the Venturini Baldini Estate, active since 1976 with 32 hectares of vineyards, deals with a wine production, which stands out for its sparkling wines, for his organic wines and vinegars.
The second day ends and we leave for Piedmont with the first stage Turin!

*[Alternative: Alternatively the second day could be completely dedicated to an itinerary conceived by the association Via Modena Luxury Events]

The third day has as its first stop one of the oldest automobile museums in the world, located in Turin, and is a place where you can relive the passion that animated the pioneers of the automotive world, with countless particularities and cars of a certain importance, or the Automobile Museum, after which you go to lunch.
The second stage of the third day includes a visit to the newborn FCA museum, created to promote and enhance the history of the Turin brand, where there are several sections dedicated to the most important moments and the most iconic cars of the various realities connected to the FCA pole; also in continuation of the tour or as an alternative to the museum FCA Hub, there will be the opportunity to visit the classic Abarth workshops, which are dedicated to the historical heritage of the Abarth, also in this place are restored and certified all the cars of historical importance. *

*[Alternative: Free tour in the center of Turin]

To end the day in sweetness, we will stop at Caffè Al Bicerin, which has been active since 1763, whose name is linked to their special chocolate drink, their specialties are: the hot drink made of chocolate, coffee and cream, Bicerin cake, Regale liqueur with pure chocolate, eggnog, chocolate in a cup and much more… * The third day comes to an end.

*[Alternative: As an alternative to Al Bicerin coffee, you could stop by the Pfatish pastry shop which has a centuries-old experience in the confectionery sector, in fact it has been declared a historic local of Italy, representing an almost unique example of a place remained intact by the foundation. ]

The fourth and final day of the tour “Speed Voracious” has as its first stop the visit to the Fiat Archive, which is a place where there are a large amount of paper documents, technical drawings, volumes and magazines of motoring and industrial history, and, immediately after, lunch.
The second stage of the fourth day is dedicated to the visit of Alessandria where there is the private collection Lancia Martini, where there are the engine masterpieces with the prestigious livery Martini Racing on the body still now the most loved version by fans and coveted fans and collectors*

*[Alternative: As an alternative to the visit to the “Lingotto e Pinacoteca Giovanni e Marella Agnelli” you can see a place that hosts different iconographies related to the designer or rather the great “Designer” Giovanni Michelotti, thanks to which it is possible to reconstruct a piece of history of Italian automotive design. ]

Our adventure ends here.


Accessibility and usability for travellers with specific needs  

The tour is partially accessible by travellers with physical and motor disabilities preferably in the presence of a companion, as the territory has some slopes and small difficulties of movement.  

The program is of particular interest to travelers with sensory disabilities, as the pleasures of the palate are enhanced.  

The tour has a good level of interactivity between the traveler and the narrator, an element that can be of great interest in the presence of sensory disabilities.  

On the recommendation of the traveller we evaluate any type of “food attention” in order to ensure a suitable service and qualitatively adapted to your needs.  

We are at your disposal for further information and to respond to any type of your need. 


Day 1^

Departure from Bologna to Piazza Maggiore. Visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello. Lunch at the Paddock restaurant, in the afternoon visit Belle Epoque Gemma stables. Return to the hotel and evening free for dinner.

Day 2^

Departure for Ferrari Museum in Modena. Lunch at the restaurant . In the afternoon visit to the Bugatti factory in Campogalliano, followed by wine and vinegar tasting at the Venturini Baldini Estate. Departure to Turin, arrival at the hotel and free dinner.  

Day 3^

Departure for Mauto. Followed by lunch at the restaurant and immediately after visit Quargnento and visit the private collection "Lancia Martini & Auto storiche". Aperitif at Caffè Bicerin. Back at the hotel and free evening for dinner.

Day 4^

After breakfast, visit Archivio Fiat, lunch at the restaurant and in the afternoon visit to Lingotto. Return to the hotel and free evening for dinner.

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