Lombardia-Veneto: Engines to drink

An experience to discover wonderful places on the roads of the engines that have made the history of our ItalyOur goal is to combine two great passionsnamely motoring and foodcreating unique and unforgettable experiential and sensory tours, enhancing the territory with its traditions and its history by now legend. 


The tour


The adventure of the “Motori da bere” tour starts from the central station of Milan, which will be the place of arrival and meeting, and then immediately enter the heart of the experience, starting from Arese, a place of great importance in the field of motor racing, In fact, there is the museum dedicated to the history of the biscione, the morning will be dedicated purely to an immersion in the world of Alfa Romeo; after the visit, you will go to lunch.
After lunch , we start again to stop in a place that has marked the history of road GT and Formula 1 of the years ’60; but that is still returning to talk about himself!
Then we return to Milan for a tasty stop at one of the oldest pastry shops in the city, a place where you can taste sweet delicacies of a tradition that has been handed down since 1817. *

* [Alternative: in the first tour you could live a fantastic experience, in fact the first stop would be a place to immerse yourself in the world of aviation, that is the largest Italian museum and one of the largest in Europe, in fact we can find more than 100 aircraft; In addition to the aircraft there are more than 76 cars from the special collection Nuccio Bertone. After a morning full of aircraft, you go to lunch…and for dessert you can enjoy the typical sweets of the Milanese tradition at a historic pastry shop of 1817, which handed down a tradition all Italian confectionery.]

The second day offers as a first stop a visit to a place very dear to fans of motoring; one of the most popular and famous circuits in Italy, that every year hosts the Formula 1 Grand Prix… you can make a tour of the circuit and then cross the same asphalt of the beloved cars… to follow the lunch.
The tour continues in the footsteps of a character who marked the technological and engineering progress, “Leonardi Da Vinci”, the one who made paintings, machines, texts;

On the third day we will move to Veneto in Villafranca di Verona, where there is a private collection that boasts an exhibition of numerous vintage cars and motorcycles, bicycles, small vehicles and other special objects of the last century. The heritage of the collection boasts 200 vintage cars, 110 bicycles, 100 motorcycles, 500 cameras, 100 instruments musical instruments, 100 typewriters, different aircraft and more.
the tour continues towards Bassano del Grappa, stop for lunch and continue at another museum renowned in the automotive sector dedicated to the restorer Luigi Bonfanti where are preserved the most iconic cars of the last century with the aim of praising the ingenuity of the car pioneers…
Stop at the historic Nardi Distillery, where the first grappa of Italy was produced and tasting.

*[Alternative: as an alternative to the Nardini Distillery you can visit a reality born in 1898 and that over the years has developed more and more, where you can taste its wines are produced by five vineyards located in the Veronese valleys; has the advantage of owning three DOC: Soave, Valpolicella and Durello. ]

The last day will take us back to Lombardy, precisely to Brescia in a place dedicated to the Italian motor sport event par excellence, in which legends of the engines and touring cars of great historical interest took part. After this exciting visit to the world of the Mille Miglia, a stop is made for lunch.
To continue the culinary adventure we will go to a unique place, where you can taste the delights of a legend of pastry, namely the famous Iginio Massari!
Finally, to relive the emotions of motor racing of the last century, we will visit the museum of Mantovano Volante!
Our adventure ends here.

Accessibilità e fruibilità per viaggiatori con esigenze specifiche

Il tour risulta parzialmente fruibile da viaggiatori con disabilità fisico-motorie preferibilmente in presenza di un accompagnatore, in quanto il territorio presenta alcune pendenze e piccole difficoltà di spostamento.

Il programma è di particolare interesse per viaggiatori con disabilità sensoriali, in quanto vengono esaltati i piaceri del palato.

Il tour, presenta un buon livello di interattività tra il viaggiatore e la voce narrante, elemento che può essere di grande interesse in presenza di disabilità sensoriali.

Su segnalazione del viaggiatore valutiamo qualsiasi tipo di “attenzione alimentare” al fine di garantire un servizio idoneo e qualitativamente adeguato alle proprie esigenze.

Siamo a vostra disposizione per ulteriori informazioni e per rispondere ad ogni tipo di vostra esigenza.


Day 1^

Departure from Milan, arrival in Arese and visit Alfa Romeo museum. Lunch in the restaurant. In the afternoon visit ATS tourism and sports. Return to Milan check-in Hotel, free dinner and overnight stay.

Day 2^

After breakfast, departure with minibus and guided tour to the circuit of Monza. Lunch in restaurant. In the afternoon visit to the Automobile Library. Return to the hotel, free dinner and overnight stay

Day 3^

After breakfast departure to Villafranca di Verona and visit to the Nicolis Museum. Lunch in restaurant in Bassano del Grappa. In the afternoon visit Museo Bonfanti Vimar and Distelleria Nardini. Return to Verona check-in hotel, free dinner and overnight stay

Day 4^

After breakfast, departure by minibus to Brescia and visit the Museum. Stop for lunch in the restaurant. In the afternoon visit to the Pasticceria Veneto Iginio Massari and Tazio Nuvolari Museum. Return to Milan and end of tour.

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