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Travel insurances

Health insurance and medical expenses

The most comprehensive insurance for health care, medical expenses and luggage.

All health care services and medical expenses are also operated in case of pre-existing diseases, epidemics or pandemic diseases diagnosed, such as Covid-19, and upheavals of nature

For residents in Italy

  • On-the-go assistance 24 hours a day and medical teleconsultation/videoconsult
  • Direct payment of hospital and surgical expenses up to:
    • Italy: € 10.500
    • Europe/Rest of the World:
      € 200,000 for all insured persons, regardless of age and also in case of epidemics and pandemic diseases diagnosed as Covid 19 or upheavals of nature
    • USA e Canada:
      • Unlimited ceiling for admissions up to 100 days for insured persons under 80 years of age,
      • € 300,000 for admissions up to 100 days for Insured persons who have already reached the age of 80,
      • € 300,000 in case of epidemics and pandemic diseases diagnosed as Covid 19 or upheavals of nature

Family safe

  • Health care “to the relative” at home, also in videoconsult mode and in case of epidemics and pandemic diseases diagnosed as the Covid-19
    Housing assistance

Safe transfer

  • car and motorcycle assistance


  • Insured capital of € 2,000 per person for theft, fire, robbery, robbery, failure of the air carrier to return personal luggage.
  • Purchases of first necessity in case of delay of more than 8 hours in the delivery of the baggage by the carrier.

Mobile phone travel protection

  • Reimbursement of a replacement mobile phone
  • Refund of charges due to fraudulent use of the SIM card
  • Information on SIM blocking procedures in case of theft

Pre-contractual documents Globy assistance: https://bit.ly/3miXm6F

Globy Incoming for foreigners traveling in Italy or Schengen countries

The policy covers residents abroad for travel and stays for the purpose of tourism and study throughout the territory of the Schengen States, also the policy is a valid document for obtaining a consular visa or residence permit for tourism/study purposes for citizens from countries outside the European Union

The policy is valid for people not older than 70 years.


  • Assistance 24 hours a day
  • Medical Expenses: direct payment of urgent medical expenses up to € 30,000

Pre-contractual Documents Globy Incoming: https://bit.ly/3oPDKsx