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Cancellation Insurances

Cancellation insurance (only applicable to residents of Italy)

The cancellation or changes the trip “all risk” insurance which also works in case of epidemics or pandemic diseases diagnosed as, for example, Covid-19, pre-existing diseases and acts of terrorism.

The policy is also valid in the case of quarantine of the insured or of the travel companion arranged by the Government, Public Authority or provider of the trip on the basis of the suspicion of exposure to a contagious disease. This excludes quarantine which applies to a part or to a whole population or geographical area, or to places of departure, destination or intermediate stages of the journey.


  • The policy must be issued at the same time as the booking or confirmation of the trip or, at the latest by 24:00 on the following working day (including Saturday).
  • The insurable ceiling is € 50,000 per person/practice

Renunciation of travel

  • Penalty refund
    Reimbursement of the penalty (including practical management costs, fuel adjustments, YQ fee, agency fee, and visa, airport charges other than YQ are excluded) charged following the waiver of travel for any objectively documented reason affecting the insured person, his family member, the co-owner of the associated company/study, the dog or cat of documented property of the insured person. Renunciations due to pre-existing pathologies or pregnancy pathologies are also covered.
    The refund of the penalty applied contractually by a Tour Operator or an Airline or Navigation is also valid for cancellation of the trip or for its change determined by an act of terrorism occurred after the booking of the trip
  • Travel reprocessing costs
    Refund of 50%, with a maximum of € 500 per person, of any higher costs incurred to buy new travel tickets (air, maritime or railway ticketing), in place of those no longer usable.

Appendix to Globy yellow plus

With Globy Giallo Plus it is possible to integrate the tourist services covered by the policy even after the issue of the policy, by stipulating an appropriate appendix.

Pre-contractual documents Globy Annulment: https://bit.ly/3gIGzZs