Take off your shoes, leave your phones… and begin the emotional path  in “The forest on tiptoe”

Walking barefoot on natural paths is not only good for the body, but also for the mind; an unique experience that allows you to get in touch with yourself and rediscover by now forgotten tactile sensations.

You will be guided in a sensorial path that will allow you to experience and feel new sensations through the senses, in a forest context that only “La Mandria” can give.

An experiential journey that will also allow to discover some little curiosity on the inhabitants of the lowland forest ecosystem. The animals of the forest are “barefoot” just like us… what would you like to be in this adventure? 

The perception tied to the feet remains, but later also other senses are involved. 

This is what happens to a prey when it has to perceive possible dangers or to a predator when it has to look for food. 

The result is reflected in a general well-being, a breath of youth and a lot of fun.


At the end we will expect a traditional “merenda sinoira” immersed in nature.

Accessibility and usability for travelers with specific needs

The tour is accessible to travelers with physical-motor disability, preferably in the presence of a companion as the territory has some challenging slopes or slight movement difficulties.


The program results particularly interesting to travelers with sensory disabilities as the pleasures of the palate are exalted.


On recommendation of the traveller we evaluate any type of “food attention” in order to guarantee a suitable and qualitatively adequate service to your needs.


We are at your disposal for further information and to answer every of your needs.

  • Dress Code

    comfortable clothing (bring a towel and a pair of slippers)


The package includes:  
  • Path in the forest
  • Naturalistic guide 
  • Visit of the exhibition centre 
  • “Merenda sinoira” with typical products 
  • Spectacle with falconer
  • Our assistance
  • Medical insurance
The package does not include:
  • Any extra and everything that is not mentioned in “The package includes” section 

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